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PROPALETTE (colorimétrie)

PROPALETTE gives users control over secluding a particular color and making adjustments with in their scene with over 70 presets all with in Final Cut Pro X. Users have the ability to alter the color’s softness, color matte levels, color levels, hue, black and white levels, black and white gradient colorization and more all with a click of a mouse.

PRODICATOR  (titrages)

With PRODICATOR indication has never been this fun. Inform your audience a measurement on a sketch or even interesting facts. PRODICATOR offers over 70 elements such as gradients, backdrops, media frames, text animation control, a bracket and pendulum, magnifier, and more.



Bring back that edgy or vintage film look with an old millimeter film reel leader effect by Pixel Film Studios. With ProStrobe users have full customization with the option of choosing from text, number countdowns, drop zones, and objects to create the look they have always wanted. Users can turn back time and transform their media with ProStrobe all with a click of a mouse with in Final Cut Pro X.



Final Cut Pro X users can now give their footage the look of real lens defocus. With ProDefocus users can choose from an arrangement of defocus lens blade amounts, directional, gaussian, and zoom blur presets. Users have full controls over amount, effect opacity, horizontal, vertical, gain, rotation, and more all with in Final Cut Pro X.

PROSHAKE (effets de caméra)

Whether you are making a fight promo, music video or tense espionage thriller, camera shakes are a great way to add a sense of reality to your film. With PROSHAKE from Pixel Film Studios, you can create epic bumps, shakes, zooms, and twists right inside FCPX. With 50 presets and stackable effects, you can create endless unstabalized camera looks in a snap.

PROGLITCH (dégradations)

With ProGlitch fully customizable media glitches are now just a click away. Users can create their very own media glitch with up to 49 individually designed stackable glitch effects. Users have total control over, noise, noise blend, displacement, refraction, pixel and color shapes, blend modes, randomization, RGB color shift, and much more. With ProGlitch users can now design media glitches and fully control each glitch with a click of a mouse all with in Final Cut Pro X.